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I've been meaning to write to thank you!!! What a great night. Looking over the pictures I can tell the kids all danced and had a great time. Thanks so much for being a part of our special night. You did a great job. Hope to see you soon.


IH ENGINEER PARTY--12.16.14 Hyatt Princeton NJ

Thanks for everything, Brett. You did a great job at our party. You even got the boss on the dance floor! We didn’t expect that! LOL. I’ll let you know when we have a date for next year’s party and would love for you to DJ then. A check will be going out to you soon. 

Randi Hartman Human Resources Coordinator

congratulations Kimberly and Christian Nov. 1 2014

Hey Brett! Thanks so much for doing an incredible job as our DJ. The music TOTALLY made the whole evening. It was the perfect balance of the songs that we requested, plus ones that you picked that fit with our style. People were raving about it! We'll be posting lots of positive reviews online for you once we settle back in to real life (we just got back from Thailand this weekend). Kim & Christian

Dear Brett:
We got back from our honeymoon today and just read your email.
We were absolutely THRILLED beyond words with you and your expert DJ
services.  I can't even begin to count how many wonderful comments we
received about you, including (and we agree) you were THE BEST DJ
we/they have ever heard!!
We are so appreciative of your time in catering to our requests,
especially when a good deal of the music was unfamiliar to you.   Our
day was made complete because of you, and we want to thank you from the
bottom of our hearts for making our wedding day and reception one we
will never forget.
We will recommend you to anyone we can who is looking for a DJ.

Thank you again!

Sheri & Greg
Dec. 6 2008

We had such a WONDERFUL time!  Thank you VERY much.  You made our wedding
dreams come true.  Everyone was out on the dance floor, and we got lots of
compliments on the wedding.  If you ever need a reference, we would gladly
recommend you to future bride and grooms.  Thank you again!

Sara Mullen

Nov. 22, 2008

My wedding was the best night of my life thus far.  the dance floor was never empty, you played to the crowd, plus made sure all the songs I wanted were played.  We all had a fantastic time and I have started to spread the word about you and will continue too.  From all the Flooms and Boyds, thanks for making our joyous occiasion a night we will all never forget.

Jenifer Boyd

October 19 2008

Hi Brett,

You beat me to it, but I was going to send you an email thanking you
for the wonderful job you did. Although it wasn't much of a dancing
crowd, you managed to bring the guests out to the floor. I received so
many compliments on your work, and the idea of giving away the bouquet
to the longest married couple created a lot of conversation. Hope
things went as well at Jennifer's wedding. I have no complaints and if
I had another daughter to marry (thank goodness I don't), you would be
my first choice DJ.
Take care,


9/9/2006 Wedding
you did it again!!! you are amazing!
i am the only one of my friends who has used a dj for a wedding and the only
one where people never get off the dance floor - you are the absolute best - i
was out to dinner tonight with friends who were at the wedding and they
absolutely think you are better than any band - i have one more daughter to
marry and you will be invited!!  my son says he is never getting married - lol
sorry i didn't recognize you at first - it is such a weird feeling hosting such a
big affair - i was a little overwhelmed as you can imagine -
we love you - hope to  see      you again soon but not too soon - i need to recoup
karly is only 22 -

Hi Brett,
   I just want to let you know that everyone enjoyed the music on Friday. 
I heard so many compliments on the way you handled the evening. 
We look forward to seeing you in the future.
Marion Pingatore
Italian American Social club

     Yesterday was an amazing day we've been getting nothing but compliments on what a great D.J. you are. 
You kept all the kids occupied on the dance floor and some of the typically non-dancing adults (like myself as you probably could tell by my moves). 
It was truly a magical day and it couldn't have happened without you! 
We thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts and will let Dave know what a great job you did and will recommend you for any D.J. needs. 
Thank again,  Chris and Tina

hey brett,
       just wanted to say thank you again for being our dj saturday night at the lagoon.
everyone had a great time and you are an excellent dj.
we would definitely like to have you again when we have another party sometime. thanks again, you were awesome!